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  • Four Levels of Adjustable DPI:
    • 4 adjustable DPI level (1600, 2400, 3200, 5500) to change the speed of the mouse conveniently.
  • Ergonomic Design:
    • Large curved design, effectively supporting and decentralizing your palm pressure.
    • Left and right finger support components, allowing the mouse more docile, reducing the mouse skid the situation.
  • Strong Durability:
    • Tested over 20 million times (clicks).
    • Tested over 3 million times (wheel & switch life).
  • Convenience:
    • This wired gaming mouse does not require any driver installation (plug and play function), suitable for working and playing games.
    • 7 buttons with scroll wheel and forward & backward side keys for your convenience during game-play.
  • Anti-interference, Explosion-proof Wire:
    • Explosion-proof nylon wire with demagnetizing anti-interference magnetic ring & high-speed USB interface; effectively ensures the stability of the mouse. It improves the signal transmission speed, reduces the delay & dropped frames so that players have an optimal gaming experience.
  • Double-click Key:
    • One-click is equivalent to 2 times of the left button, greatly improving the efficiency of operation, reducing finger fatigue caused by long-term use.
  • Colorful Soft Gradient Lights:
    • Beautiful, soft gradient lights optimizing the atmosphere during your game-play.


Item Description:

Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel.

Max DPI: 5500 DPI

Adjustable DPI Switch: 1600-2400-3200-5500 DPI

Switch Life: 5 million cycle

Dimension: 130mm x 86mm x 39mm (5.1″ x 3.4″ x 1.5″)

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac

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Verified Buyer
31 Oct 2020 00:46

I already bought this mouse for my brother and after seeing it resisted for more than a year under his "destructive use", I decided to buy one for myself. It's a perfect mouse, with 4 dpi levels and good additional buttons. The grip is also very good in my opinion (and I have quite a big hand).

Verified Buyer
29 Oct 2020 18:38

무소 2달쯤 사용해봣는데 생각보다 좋아서 친구 선물용이랑 노트북용으로 하나씩 더삿네요 ㅋㅋ

Verified Buyer
14 Oct 2020 11:36

I am in love with this mouse! I love it! It works very well and the RGB is awesome! The delivery was so fast! I ordered on 11th October and received it this afternoon! Delivery to France is superbly fast compared to other items I bought online! I am gonna buy a second one just in case something happens with the one I have. Thank you.

Verified Buyer
11 Oct 2020 01:15

Package was shipped quickly but was slightly damaged. But the product was bubble-wrapped and arrived in perfect condition so no issues. The mouse is on the larger side. I have relatively large hands and feel very comfortable as it fit my hands well. Plus it has a placement for the ring and pinky fingers which makes it even better (P.S. It's right-hand oriented). Functionality-wise it's plug and play and very smooth. I highly recommend it!

Verified Buyer
24 Sep 2020 23:35

Buen Seguimiento, rápido envío y excelente producto. El Mouse es bello y muy funcional. Se recomienda 100%.

Verified Buyer
18 Sep 2020 05:30

Everything is very good. Fast delivery and excellent quality.

Verified Buyer
17 Sep 2020 07:12

the mouse is great. Ergonomic and feels good in the hand. The lighting is also nice. In games it works perfectly. I love it!

Verified Buyer
11 Sep 2020 23:04

Very nice mouse! really happy with it!

Verified Buyer
11 Sep 2020 05:35

배송 9일 걸림 무소음으로 샀는데 진짜 소리가 하나도 안남 클릭했다는 느낌이 안느껴짐 구매할때 참고바람 손이 좀 작은 편인데 그립감 꽤 괜찮음 다만 뒤로가기 버튼이 좀 뒤로 빠져있어서 계속 쓰다보니 엄지손가락 아픔 휠이 뻑뻑하다던데, 못느끼겠음 휠 잘 올라가고 잘 내려감 더블클릭 기능도 있고, 가격치곤 예상했던거보다 마감이 상당히 좋아서 가성비로 좋을듯

Verified Buyer
11 Sep 2020 04:11

Produto chegou bem embalado, a caixa veio um pouco amassada, mas não atingiu o produto! Mouse muito bonito, cores legais, cabo bem resistente. Excelente custo benefício! Super Recomendo!

Verified Buyer
8 Sep 2020 17:21

The item is as per description. The mouse is very quiet, soft & comfortable to hold.. It uses good material, very comfortable. All buttons work fast and very well too!

Verified Buyer
8 Sep 2020 12:38

It was more beautiful than I expected... ❤️

Verified Buyer
8 Sep 2020 07:49

Shipping to Cambodia is very fast! I love it, it's a good product. Thank you so much!

Verified Buyer
8 Sep 2020 03:42

The package was damaged when it came. Mouse, on the contrary, wasn't damaged at all, thanks to good packaging. Good quality product, which is quite enjoyable to use.

Verified Buyer
3 Sep 2020 13:11

Muy bueno mejor de lo esperado por el precio cumple y todos sus botones funcionan a la perfeccion

Verified Buyer
2 Sep 2020 13:58

Exatamente como descrito. muito bonito, e parece ser de boa qualidade. Chegou em menos de 30 dias na minha cidade, mas por conta da greve dos Correios, demorou um pouco mais de um mês.

Verified Buyer
29 Aug 2020 21:57

It arrived in a short time! Very good quality & functionality! Love the lights too!

Verified Buyer
28 Aug 2020 11:53

It arrives earlier than expected and in optimal conditions, the product is very good. Highly recommended! Love from Mexico!

Verified Buyer
24 Aug 2020 07:40

it took almost a month to ship here but I love it, I can fit my whole hand on it and it's super silent I highly recommend this mouse :D

Verified Buyer
18 Aug 2020 16:49

produto como descrito, cabeamento bem longo.entrega esta sendo rápida antes de um mês

Verified Buyer
12 Aug 2020 11:14

produto maravilhoso 19 dias pra me entregar na Bahia Nordeste obg vendedor ♥️

Verified Buyer
30 Jul 2020 22:34

Die Gamingmous liegt gut in der Hand und arbeitet sehr präzise die Qualität und Verarbeitung sind super

Verified Buyer
24 Jul 2020 15:13

muito bom!!! simplesmente excelente, top demais, o dpi é maravilhoso, o RGB é lindo, ótimo custo benefício!!! super recomendo, chegou em 1 mês e 9 dias na minha casa em Fortaleza-Ce.

Verified Buyer
24 Jul 2020 06:22

Arrived earlier than expected. Everything works fine, it doesn't give me any problems at the moment. The box is a bit squashed but it did not affect the mouse. The mouse has very nice colors. The best part is that the main keys do not make noise when you press them. It is also ergonomic which makes it very easy and comfortable to use. I recommend it!

Verified Buyer
20 Jul 2020 16:18

el producto es tal cual la foto, pensé que iba a ser de peor calidad, pero es un producto de buena calidad, es robusto y pesadito (para no tener pesas incorporadas esta bastante bien), los votones extras son super comodos, tanto para jugar como para navegar. La caja vino abollada pero seguro es por el correo de mi país (argentina). se demoró en salir de china por la pandemia, pero es entendible. lo recomiendo! mas adelante comentare de vuelta a ver la durabilidad. me llego hoy y estoy muy satisfecho

Verified Buyer
16 Jul 2020 00:09

j'ai pris la souris avec la boîte et je suis très satisfaite. la souris est très agréable et a une bonne taille. la version silencieuse ne fait pas de bruit mais nous ressentons quand même le clic. la forme épouse bien les courbes de la main. c'est un super achat et un produit à recommander.

Verified Buyer
14 Jul 2020 01:52

배송 9일걸림. 무게감 적당하고 손에 딱감기는 느낌이 좋아요. 믿을수없는 가성비. 비싼거 쓰느니 만원도 안되는 이제품 여러개 사놓고 쓰는게 훨씬 이득일듯.

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2020 03:03

Envio rápido (1 dia útil) a partir de Espanha. O rato é muito top e não faz mesmo barulho nenhum nos 2 botões principais.

Verified Buyer
28 Jun 2020 22:19

Fast delivery, the mouse is as per description. It is solid, durable, works well, large & comfortable (in the picture compared to a wireless mouse from a laptop). I recommend. Will get another one for my friend for his birthday!

Verified Buyer
23 Jun 2020 04:42

Korona virus ile bağlı gecikti. Amma geldi. Teşekkür ederim satıcı. Yene sipariş verecem. Çalışır. Yaxşı vəziyyətdədir

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2020 05:03

I am satisfied with the product. It's what I want. I liked that the color will change on its own. It arrived a little late because of Corona but I appreciate that the staff will keep us updated on the status.

Verified Buyer
10 Jun 2020 13:42

llegó a tiempo, aún falta probarlo pero se ve espectacular

Verified Buyer
1 Jun 2020 02:14

Muy buen ratón, igual que en la descripción, todo perfecto.

Verified Buyer
30 May 2020 04:22

super well packed. no issues. really comfortable. silent click is really cool. hope the quality is good and that it lives long

Verified Buyer
19 May 2020 07:14

Me encantó el muy ligero hermoso silencioso me encanto literalmente deben comprarlo les servirá de mucho.

Verified Buyer
15 May 2020 10:42

Excelente producto! Llego en el tiempo estimado, los colores son los mismos de las imágenes, su velocidad y comidad son muy eficientes. Cable largo y de buen material. Escogí el producto silencioso y no emite ningún sonido en click derecho e izquierdo! 10/10

Verified Buyer
15 May 2020 10:31

Good value for money! Item is of superb quality!

Verified Buyer
12 May 2020 07:34

perfect !!!!! fast arrived and shipping to Thailand! recommended!

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